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Introduction to Boxing classes

Boxing training focuses on a range of flexible techniques such as attacking and defending simultaneously against a closer-positioned opponent, making boxing a fast fighting art. It differs from many traditional martial arts which can have more structured techniques.

Attending boxing classes are a fun recreational activity available in boxing clubs, martial art clubs, boxing gyms, and increasingly in sport centres.

Boxing training is available for all ages from beginners, intermediate, advanced boxing skills, right the way through to professional boxing. If you want to spar or compete you must be aged 11 or over. Use our Boxing class finder to find a boxing gym or boxing club near me.

What can you expect to learn?

Boxing classes teach you how to punch, guard and defend. Learn boxing techniques, upper body movements and footwork, as well as tactics on how to apply boxing strategies to different types of opponents. Boxing will teach you more about fighting than you might realise.

Boxing drill training techniques help develop faster attacking and defending reflexes, improved multi-tasking abilities (simultaneous offence & defence) and overall natural fighting reflexes.

Boxing lessons is an aerobic workout, improving fitness levels, reflex speed, flexibility, and teaches skills which would make you more comfortable in a real fight.

What are the health benefits of boxing?

Boxing is popular as more people recognise the health benefits and realise that you can train like a boxer without actually competing. Boxing training provides great all over body conditioning, no matter what your age or level of ability.

Boxing exercises improve the cardiovascular system, core strength, balance, and fitness levels.

Boxing classes and workouts help people to achieve realistic and attainable weight goals. Boxing increasingly appeals to woman as a way to stay fit and trim.

Do I have to spar to compete?

Training to compete includes sparring with other members of your club to develop your skills. Boxers training to compete need to get 'carded'.

When you are ready to compete, your club coaches ‘match’ you based age, weight and experience. Boxing is regulated to ensure the safety of the boxer and that the bouts are fair.

Boxing clubs can provide a medical card (ME3) which needs to be signed by a doctor confirming you are fit to box. You can compete in amateur boxing until the age of 34, and can continue to train after this.

Where can I find a boxing club near me?

Boxing classes are growing in popularity across the UK. Traditionally boxing has been male dominated, but this is rapidly changing. Almost 40% of boxing gyms now have classes that specifically cater for women and girls.

Find boxing classes and boxing clubs on Martial arts Near You. Clubs offer a range of boxing classes. Find the right boxing club near you. Check the boxing clubs instructors profiles for experience and qualifications and that they have a current DBS certificate for teaching children.

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