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What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga classes train students to cope with the real life stresses of an attack and to escape with the least injury possible. It teaches people to be able to spot danger and be aware of places to run away. Students learn how to avoid problems before they become more serious and builds the self-confidence to deal with an attack.

Training focuses on pragmatic self defence, students are pitched against opponents with different skills, weight and experience as they would be in a real life situation.

This eclectic hand-to-hand combat system was developed in Israel and will teach students, wrestling, grappling and striking techniques. A range of Krav Maga classes are available on this website including private lessons. Use the Krav Maga finder on this page to find a class near you.

What can you typically expect to learn in a Krav Maga class?

Krav Maga classes teach students how to neutralise, disable or control aggressive situations in the shortest time possible. Students learn fighting skills and how to defend against punches, kicks, choke holds, headlocks and even weapons.

In traditional martial art classes, fights are usually based in weight categories, on the street it’s more likely an attacker will choose a smaller victim.

Students are trained to deal with attackers who are usually heavier, attack from behind, and may have a weapon. Women will learn how to use their body weight to overcome an attacker and get power behind a kick or punch.

Who will benefit from attending Krav Maga classes?

Krav Maga lessons are open to anyone looking to defend themselves against a personal attack in domestic, social or workplace situations. If you are attacked knowing how to stop or mobilise an attacker quickly is crucial.

Krav Maga focuses mainly on defending and escaping an attack but also teaches fighting techniques. It is more fight orientated than the average self defence class, many of which focus more on awareness training than practical techniques.

With women increasingly targeted by young males, Krav Maga lessons are becoming highly popular with professional woman who live in London or other major cities and feel vulnerable travelling at night or to and from work.

Where can I Find a Krav Maga Class near me?

Martail Arts Near You list hundreds of Krav Maga clubs. Use the location search on this page. Use the filters to search for Krav Maga classes. and view the profile pages of the Krav Maga training programmes. Each class should have a brief description to give you an idea of what the class covers check the instructors profile for qualifications and experience.

Find Krav Maga classes in London and other major UK cities use the martial art search directory on this page.