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What is Thai Boxing?

Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is a martial art which dates back to 1650. Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is the national sport of Thailand. More recently the sport adopted Western Boxing techniques, training methods, and strategies.

Thai Boxing Classes have become very popular worldwide with the adoption of modern western practices, which incorporate gloves, weight classes, and 3-minute rounds.

The rigorous nature of its training and the directness of its techniques, has made Thai Boxing a highly respected Martial Art. To find a Thai boxing class or club near where you live or work use our postcode search.

What will I learn in a Thai boxing class?

Thai boxing (Muay Thai) classes and clubs practice the "Science of Eight Limbs" where students learn defensive and offensive skills. They utilise punches, kicks, knees and elbows, executed with deadly accuracy and explosive power.

Thai boxing lessons promote much more than a fighting art. Training also helps to develop basic tenets of good character; honesty, integrity, honour, respect, fairness and compassion.

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Who should attend a Thai boxing class?

Thai boxing is very energetic, offering an effective way to improve fitness. Thai Boxing courses are designed to take fitness to a high level on a progressive basis so you don't need to be super fit to start a class. Thai boxing clubs encourage people from all walks of life, including males, females, adults and children.

Thai Boxing martial arts training is a very personal experience and students can progress at their own speed. The sport is often portrayed on TV and in films as a brutal sport, however sparring is optional in most clubs and classes. (Check with your local Thai boxing club or instructor).

Thai Boxing - Mauy Thai - classes and clubs are keen to promote the fitness, and social aspects, with an option to take part in sparring. Classes are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level.

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Before committing to a class it may be worth emailing one or two local instructors or clubs to discuss the Thai Boxing or Mauy Thai boxing taught in their particular school. Check that they have a valid DBS (for kids lessons) and certificate of insurance.

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