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What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is not one style, there are hundreds of Kung Fu styles, such as monkey, tiger-crane, praying mantis, wing chun, tai chi, baji quan, bagua quan, plus many more, each with their own combat emphasis. Kung Fu classes are characterised by self defence tactics which utilise the energy of an attacker by using grapples, throws, kicks, punches, and weapons.

Regular Kung Fu training improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, speed and endurance as well as increasing overall cardiovascular fitness and toning.

Kung Fu teachers place emphasis on character building and spiritual awareness. To find a local Kung Fu class or Kung Fu club near where you live or work use our postcode search.

What will I learn in a Kung Fu class?

Kung Fu Clubs and Kung Fu instructors grade students based on age, experience, knowledge and the type of Kung Fu style. Students learn and practice a range of Kung Fu techniques using forms (drill exercises). Some Kung Fu clubs also offer sparing.

Learn how to:

  • Punch Kung Fu style from single punches to complex combinations
  • Break Grabs techniques to break free if an opponents attempts to grab you using leverage
  • "Covering up" and "Blocking" basic defensive skills that protect the body from a strike.
  • "Dodge" an opponents punch or strike and counter attack.
  • KungFu "kicks" an effective self defence technique
  • "Stances" taught to improve strength and balance
  • Dodging techniques, moving out of the way of an opponents blow.
  • "Kicking" learn simple kicks and spinning kicks.

Kung Fu classes improve self confidence and self esteem, with emphasis on improved concentration and focus, stress reduction, relaxation, motivation and positive attitude towards life. Find a local Kung Fu class or Kung Fu club near you.

Why should you attend a Kung Fu class?

Kung Fu classes are great fun, kids love it. They involve improving stamina, fitness, flexibility, strength and co-ordination, and learning techniques. Kung Fu offers a great cardiovascular workout ideal for people looking for a replacement for their gym based aerobic exercise.

A Kung Fu class includes exhilarating moves such as leaping, somersaulting, and dodging your opponent.

Kung Fu is a group activity, social and family friendly. Find a Kung Fu class on this page.

Kung Fu classes Near Me

People of any ages or gender can benefit from attending a Kung Fu Class. There are hundreds of Kung Fu classes for adults and children, every club has its schedule on Martial Arts Near You. Just search for Kung Fu classes near me.

Find Kung Fu classes in London and other major UK cities by using the kung fu directory on this page.