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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Classes focus on grappling and ground fighting. Students learn how to evade an attack by using leverage, counter techniques, subdue opponents with hold downs or locking techniques, and apply pressure points to disable an attacker. Often used in MMA classes and competitions.

BJJ was begun in 1914, by Maeda, a Japanese Jui-do Martial Arts expert. He was given the opportunity to travel to Brazil to promote “jiu-do” giving demonstrations and accepting challenges. It was from this visit that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Art was born.

The sport was transported to California by Helio Gracie who commercialised and developed BBJ in the USA.

What will you learn in a Jiu Jitsu class?

BBJ classes teach students the subtleties of anticipating another person's intentions by utilising movement and body position on the ground, practising evasive techniques, combining elements of attack and defence. You will learn basic BBJ techniques such as:

  • Shrimping and Bridging
  • Gripping so that your opponent cannot get away from you
  • Passing the guard
  • Breathing
  • Armbars

One of the most important lessons of BJJ is that size doesn't matter, a smaller person can defeat a larger one using BBJ techniques. Students learn how to use their body to gain the most leverage, and how to use an opponent's own body and size against them. It's all about strategy, intelligence, and technique.

Who should join a BBJ class?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are ideal for everyone. With classes available for children, beginners, intermediate, advanced and competition level.

The sport is great for women in that it teaches a smaller, weaker person how to defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using various techniques to overcome the other person.

MMA mixed martial arts club practice using BBJ techniques as part of their training programs. You will often see BBJ techniques applied in MMA bouts.

Where do I find a BBJ class?

Expect to find BBJ classes across the UK. It's growing in popularity with many MMA clubs offer BBJ classes. Select from a number of local Brazilian Jiu jitsu classes in your area.

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